The kings of the ancient wheats

At the foot of the hills near the river La Bruna, we have fifteen hectares of farmland in cultivation -- on a three year rotation cycle  between biodynamic wheat, legumes, and oilseeds.

At Sequerciani we cultivate so-called "Ancient Grains": Ancient means antique grains without any genetic modification, different from modern grain varieties intended for intensive agriculture. 

In the course of history the cultivation of this ancient wheat, both the rough and finer grades, has not undergone any modification. We do not use high amounts of mineral fertilizers, and therefore no treatments with pesticides or fungicides are necessary. For this reason it is well suited to the biodynamic cultivation.

The soil is fertilised with green manure and manure composted with biodynamic preparations 500 and 501. 

Thanks to rotation, the durum wheat is never sown in the same parcel of land for three years, thus preventing pathogens from developing.

After seperating the grain from the shaft, the grain is carefully stone ground producing flours which maintain their natural properties.

The tolerable gluten content in this type of wheat favors a protective effect on heart cells, decreases cholesterol levels, lowers triglycerides, and diminishes atherosclerosis markers. These are positive test results made in laboratories that indicate that with our crops we are on the right track.

Sequerciani continues selecting different types of grain to further develop the selection we offer. We also continue to experiment with the cultivation of grain types that specifically take into account the conditions of organic and biodynamic agriculture.

Our products possess the organic and biodynamic (Demeter) certifications.


Why the "Ancient Grains"?

No fungicide and pesticide used
Ancient wheats are taller with harder bracts: the wheat is more vulnerable to wind and rain, but it is not subject to attacks from parasites and fungi and therefore do not require constant, massive treatments with pesticides, weedkillers and fungicides.

Less processing
Less refined flours are obtained from ancient wheat, as they are cold ground, using the stone mill. Thanks to the way in which it is processed, the flour produced can be considered as semi-wholemeal, with much more of the nutritional properties maintained.

Less gluten
Ancient wheats maintain a more balanced ratio between starch and gluten, containing a lower percentage of this protein. This balance, in addition to making the product lighter and easier to digest, aids the absorption of minerals such as calcium.

They avoid the development of intolerances
Gluten sensitivity is probably due to excessive consumption of modern wheat that is overly rich in gluten content. The advantage of using ancient wheats reduces the possibility of developing a gluten intolerance. 


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The "Ancient Grains" of Sequerciani

Senatore Cappelli is the name of an ancient type of Italian hard wheat. This type of wheat reaches a height of up to two meters. Senatore Cappelli develops excellent flavour and is among the tastiest wheat types. In addition, it boasts unbeatable practical qualities. Thanks to its high protein content, the pasta remains compact even if prepared without the addition of eggs.

Verna is a Tuscan varietal of tender wheat, widely popular and appreciated in the past for its great nutritional quality but then, due to limited productivity, forgotten for many years. The original strain of Verna grain has come to us in it’s original form, preserved over the years, thanks to the activity of the Tuscan Sementi Institute (institution founded in the 1930s) and thanks to the studies of the Tuscan Universities. In recent years these studies have caused a rediscoverery of the value of this particular grain giving rise to the promotion of their cultivation.


Ancient Senatore Cappelli durum wheat

This pasta is rolled out on canes and drawn manually by artisans to lend the finished product the appearance and quality of “true handmade pasta”, thus exalting the raw material in both its taste and shape. 
The product is packaged by hand to main the arch shape of each strand of spaghetti which, when cooked, is 52 cm long, to lend shape and consistency to the pasta, even when dressed with complex sauces such as those containing game meat or, dishes which required being sautéed in the pan.

The bronze wire-drawing method and slow drying at low temperatures, followed by a finished product stabilisation period before packaging makes this type of spaghetti rather coarse and consistent, excellent for being coated with sauces. Thanks to its considerable, but not excessive thickness, it is highly recommended for use with fresh tomato, EVO oil, pesto, vegetable and shellfish sauces. 


Ancient Senatore Cappelli durum wheat

This pasta is rolled out on canes and cut manually by artisans to lend the finished product the appearance and quality of “true handmade pasta”, thus exalting the raw material in both its taste and shape. Its special length (thanks to the way in which the product is hand-packaged, to maintain the arch shape which totals 52 cm in length after cooking) allows dishes to be arranged in an extremely choreographic manner in dishes. 

The thickness of this pasta allows it be used in a versatile manner. It is ideal for dressing with all kinds of sauces, even heavier ones such as Carbonate or Amatriciana. It can also be used in more elaborate recipes, sautéing the pasta in a frying pan, or with “gourmet” sauces containing truffle or porcini mushrooms or even with fish-based sauces. 


Ancient Senatore Cappelli durum wheat

The special appearance of this shape of artisan pasta allows it be used with all types of sauces, exalting the flavours. Thanks to its consistency, it also emphasises the strong flavour of the ingredient used. 

The characteristic thickness makes this artisan-style pasta, which is bronze wire drawn and dried slowly, especially suited to stronger sauces (wild boar ragù, spicy sauces, fish-based sauces), pesto (both Genoa and Sicily versions), and also to creamy vegetable sauces, cheese sauces (even the stronger ones such as Gorgonzola and Taleggio) or even creamy mushroom sauces.


Ancient Senatore Cappelli durum wheat

This most classic shapes in traditional types of pasta is exalted by the artisan-style production, bronze wire drawn and dried slowly. This brings out all the flavour of the main ingredient, lending a rough surface and consistency to the finished product, which makes it easier to coat.

Its traditional shape makes this type of pasta fast and easy to use every day with simple dressings that require no cooking (EVO oil, fresh tomato, cream, butter) and with meat or vegetable sauces. 


Ancient Verna soft wheat

Thanks to the Verna soft wheat content, this artisan-style pasta with its classic large tube shape is ideal for several sauces with delicate flavours, allowing the characteristic fragrance of the wheat used to come to the fore.

The paccheri are bronze wire drawn and dried slowly, meaning it holds well when cooked, even though they are made from soft wheat, and gives the product a consistency that allows it to be used with several types of sauces, including those containing vegetables, mushrooms and fish.


Ancient Verna soft wheat

This exclusive shape, rolled out on canes, then cut and packaged by hand, bronze wire drawn and dried slowly, makes this type of pasta suitable for almost any type of sauce, thanks to its excellent capacity to hold any type of sauce coating. This is due to its special structure. Its special shape makes it possible to stage pasta dishes on shapes, both in bundles and also laid out normally on the plate.  

As it is made with Verna soft wheat, it is an extremely fragrant product, to the extent it has become a “gourmet” dish even when dressed with a simple sauce of extra virgin olive oil and Parmesan cheese flakes. Fresh sauces enhance the taste of the wheat used in the pasta, as do fresh truffle and porcini mushrooms. 

Our ancient wheat flours

Our ancient wheat flours

At Sequerciani, we make Senatore Cappelli durum wheat and Verna soft wheat flours.

Once the wheat has been cleaned, it is taken to the artisans’ mill and is stone ground. This produces a semi-wholewheat flour, keeping the grain's properties intact.

Senatore Cappelli durum wheat flour is excellent for making home-made pasta and bakery products. It absorbs a lot of water and this is why is has a higher production yield. The high protein and lipid content aid the pasta-making process. It also contains high levels of fibre, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. It contains less gluten than other durum wheat flours. 

Verna soft wheat flour is often used for bread-making with natural proofing, making biscuits and cakes. Thanks to the low protein and gluten content, it is extremely easy to digest.

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