Sequerciani organic and biodynamic products

We bring the produce from our land to the table, just as nature offers it to us

In 1992, Ruedi Gerber bought the Sequerciani estate: eight hectares of abandoned land that he decided to enhance, working the soil biodynamically.

Many things have changed since 1992: new land bordered by woodland has been purchased, the large areas close to the main house have been turned into vineyards, and new crops have been introduced.

The vegetable garden now provides produce for the agritourism business and for the “Il Barrino di Tatti” restaurant, along with fruit trees and 1500 olive trees -- all grown following biodynamic principles.

Microclimate areas have been created to strengthen the crops, with green manure mixes used as a natural fertilizer. When covered and well rooted, it is thanks to this process that the land is restored and the risk of erosion decreases. When flourishing, green manure also encourages the proliferation of insects, including the bees that produce Sequerciani’s honey!

We also now produce a IGP Toscana extra virgin oil, ancient wheats from which our pasta and flour is made, and our millefiori honey. All are products bear Demeter biodynamic certification.


When harvested early, olives have a peppery taste, and given their high polyphenol and antioxidant content, are also slightly bitter. The result is a superior quality extra virgin olive oil that contains healthy substances and a lower than average acid content.

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At Sequerciani, we grow so-called "Ancient Wheat” (in Italian “Grani Antichi”): “Antico” wheat means wheat produced without any genetic modification, unlike other modern varieties of wheat that are created for intensive, industrial farming. This allows us to grow wheat without the use of pesticides or fungicides and to consequently produce pasta and flour that is healthier and has lower levels of gluten.

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The organic honey that we produce at Sequerciani is a multiflora honey: the main and most        common variety of this delicious, healthy food essential. A honey with a sweet, delicate taste, clear colour and fluid consistency. Please note that, as our production is handmade, our honey’s colour and consistency may vary according to monthly flower blooms and other seasonal and climate trends.

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