The nectar of well-being

The Sequerciani organic honey

The organic honey that we produce at Sequerciani is a multiflora honey: the main, most widespread variety of this delicious and healthy food. A honey with a sweet and delicate taste, light colour and a fluid consistency. Please note, as our production is handmade, our honey’s colour and consistency may vary according to flower blooms and other seasonal and climate trends.

How is Sequerciani Multiflora Honey produced?

Our bees, placed at the edge of the forest between our vineyards and  vegetable garden, gift it just to us just as it is. “Foraging” bees find all the necessary nectar in the surrounding countryside and transport it to their hives, where they deliver it to their colleagues, the "worker" bees. The worker bees then lay the nectar in cells called "honeycombs" where
another team of bees, the "fanning" bees, beat their wings, creating a vortex of air which regulates the humidity of the environment and the quantity of water in the honey. Roughly a month later, the honey is dehydrated and just right for another team of bees to collect it in the cells of the “super frames”, which are then sealed with wax. At this point the honey is
ready and the beekeeper takes only a part of the beehive’s production, leaving the rest of the super frame to these industrious insects, which will constitute their family food throughout the long winter. At our laboratory, our beekeeper proceeds with the uncapping, i.e., the removal of the wax caps. The honey extraction is then finalized by emptying the honeycombs, then filtering out of all impurities and depositing the final product in

Multiflora honey: properties and benefits

The beneficial properties of Multiflora Honey range from its nutritional properties to those linked mainly to health: its secret lies in its particular composition.

• Multiflora honey is rich in nutrients and, as it is a special blend of          different nectars and flowers, it has the beneficial properties that originate from each of the various plants. It’s a totally natural emulsion which provides power and energy. It also contains many antioxidants and mineral salts, making it particularly suitable for both a growing child’s and an athlete’s diet.

• It is an excellent remedy for flu symptoms as it is a natural antibacterial substance. Multiflora honey helps treat coughs, sore throats and other infections which affect the respiratory system, and aides the lungs and the digestive system. It helps to purify the body and the liver, and has diuretic functions as well.

• Its antibacterial and soothing function is useful also in treating rashes and insect bites, as it relieves the itching and burning caused by strings. Moreover, if used as a basic ingredient of a face mask, multiflora honey helps prevent juvenile acne.

• It nourishes the skin and hair: used externally, multiflora honey can be a valuable ally for the care of both the skin and hair, making them appear more nourished, radiant, velvety and smooth to the touch thanks to its special properties.

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