L'amore per il sapore

Olive groves among the hills bathed in warm golden morning sun, rows of gnarled trees full of personality, the slight rustle of silvery leaves in the wind: a landscape that enchants everyone. This is where we mature our olives for our organic olive oil.

An ideal exposure among our hills in the middle of Maremma, a fertile terroir and a mild climate are just right for growing our olive oil of the highest quality.  The olive trees are cared for bio-dynamically and therefore are only fertilized with cow manure.  In early autumn, the olives are cultivated by hand and at the end of the harvest are brought to the nearby olive oil mill for soft pressing.

The freshly harvested olives have a peppery taste and, given the high level of polyphenols and antioxidants, are slightly bitter.  The result is an exceptionally high quality extra virgin olive oil full of the best substances for your health and an acid content slight less than average.  We produce a Demeter certified traditional blend, along with two other types of highly sought after olive oil.

Our Cultivar


The taste of the oil made from this variety of olives is considered to be high quality: delicate and elegant in its fragrance, and often considered to be one of the best Tuscan oils thanks to the purity of its origins. It is a cultivar that is extremely resistant to disease and the cold. 


This has a delicate structure that must be harvested by hand into open crates. It is an excellent quality oil, with a harmonious fruity fragrance, green in colour with golden flecks, a delicate taste and lends a unique aroma to food.


The olives of this variety only grow in this part of the Maremma, around the village of Tatti. The taste is reminiscent of the earth and pepper, and is much soughtafter due to its rarity. 


Sei Querce

These are the cultivars that are autonomously pressed and that make up the “Seiquerce” blend: Frantoiano, Moraiolo and Lazzero.

We attain a full-flavored olive oil, round and complex.  Seiquerce olive oil is Demeter, Bioagricert and Consorzio di Tutela dell'Olio IGP Toscano certified.

250 ml and 500 ml bottles or 3 lt and 5 lt canister are available. 

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