La Fuga - Girl in flight

Director Sandra Vannucchi’s first film “La Fuga” with Donatella Finocchiaro and Filippo Nigro, in collaboration with ZAS Film, is on release.

“La Fuga”, director Sandra Vannucchi’s first film, nominated for the EFA Young Audience Award 2018, opens on 7th March and is distributed by Lo Scrittoio.

An independent, low budget film, shot in Tuscany and Rome, “La Fuga” has as its protagonists two actors known to the general public: Donatella Finocchiaro – fresh from the FICE Prize 2018 for her numerous and significant interpretations in art movies – and Filippo Nigro, who play the parents of the young star, the eleven-year-old Lisa Ruth Andreozzi.

The film tells the story of Silvia, a curious, lively girl of eleven who finds herself in a complex family set up, marked by the chronic depression of her mother and by constant misunderstandings and communication difficulties with her father. Her mother’s illness renders the relationship between the parents and the children extremely fragile. The dreams and aspirations of the latter, even the simplest, remain unheeded in an everyday existence that seems to be focused mainly on its inherent problems. Silvia longs to visit Rome but nobody at home listens to her. Realizing that nobody will permit her to fulfil her dream she decides to escape, determined to visit the city on her own. During the train journey she meets a young Romany girl Emina with whom she immediately establishes a close friendship. The escape triggers a process of growth and transformation in both Silvia and in the people who surround her.

See the trailer HERE


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