The Harvest

The 2019 / 2020 agricultural season ended with the grape and olive harvest.

The grape harvest

The particularly hot summer season, characterized by a long drought, has greatly affected the organoleptic and polyphenolic characteristics of the grapes.

For this reason we had to anticipate the harvest, in order to guarantee the correct balance between gradation and acidity.

The good weather in September also allowed us to parcel out the harvest and proceed with small quantities of grapes, as the polyphenolic ripening of the individual portions of the vineyard reached the desired levels. 

The juice inside the berries was obviously little but the thickness of the skins served to enrich the musts with really pleasant scents and flavors. The 2020 vintage will therefore be characterized by limited quantities but also by very tasty and balanced wines!

We foresee for February 2021 the first releases of this vintage: Libello 2020, Sangiovese and Ciliegiolo (the typical Maremma blend of our grandparents) from carbonic maceration, to obtain a pleasant young wine with fruity hints, and the Vermentino 2020, the white wine characterized by a very short stay on the skins, to combine its freshness and the intensity of taste and color that only its skins can give. 

The Olive Harvest

Anticipated was also the olive harvest: not doing any kind of anti-parasitic treatment, the hot autumn could be dangerous for possible infestation. 

Also in this case the oil content was limited due to the long drought that has greatly reduced yields, but the taste of "new oil" has this year more than in recent years affected and excited us all! 

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