22.02.2021Sequerciani Green


The climate change, the environmental and air pollution, are factors that are condensed into a global ecological crisis.

The essential biodynamic preparations

The inclusion of essential biodynamic preparations in the pile of manure that will be used for future fertilizations is a very important operation for a biodynamic farm.

11.06.2020News from ZAS Film

La Fuga - Girl in flight

Director Sandra Vannucchi’s first film “La Fuga” with Donatella Finocchiaro and Filippo Nigro, in collaboration with ZAS Film, is on release.

10.06.2020Tour in Maremma

An excursion to the mysticism of San Galgano

Warning: the original protagonist of this legend was not really King Arthur, but our local knight and hero Golgano Guidotti. He was not born in medieval England but in Tuscany. The theater of history is only 20 km from Sequerciani, nestled in an idyllic hilly landscape. Go there and check or yourself!

The Manure Horn

This week we start one of the most important operations in the agricultural season: the "spraying" of Manure Horn (biodynamic preparation 500). We were waiting for the cold wave and now we can start: first the crops, then the vineyards, finally the olive trees and the fruits.


Tortelli maremmani

Maremma Ravioli with Ricotta and Spinach

Compared to ravioli produced in Emilia Romagna, Maremma ravioli are decidedly larger. To prepare them, all you need is a simple mixture of ricotta and spinach. A butter and sage sauce makes a beautiful compliment to the delicate taste of the tortelli. Otherwise, they can also be served with a wild boar meat sauce, which is very typical of the region.

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