The perfect scenario

The Sequerciani estate is a stage, full of vital energy, inviting inspiration, an isolated island, a space for thinking and source of love

Art, performance and experience

With its park-like gardens and its olive groves, with the vantage point of its amphitheater and with its internal dance track, the Sequerciani estate offers different platforms and possibilities for artistic creation.  Musicians, painters writers, actors, dancers can always find the right inspiration here.  It is the perfect place for film screenings, workshops, concerts, happenings, and much more...

Wedding and special events

A garden full of colors and fragrances, a glance towards the infinite:  the Sequerciani estate is undoubtable a magical place.  Can you imagine a more enchanted space than our amphitheater for your eternal vows?   What could be better than a poolside party in the hills to celebrate a special birthday?   Or, where better than under the starry southern skies, to gather once again with family and friends?

The Academy of Taste

“The Little Academy of Taste” is a project of ours where we hope to explore living with biodynamic agriculture, natural wines and healthy cuisine by joining sensory experiences and learning.

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