The Winery and Natural Wines

Wine as an emotion to be communicated

We produce natural wines only from native Tuscan vines, we age in terracotta jars and barriques to enhance the flavors of our grapes.

We do not manipulate, add or remove anything: we let time take its course and the wine expresses itself, like a message in the bottle, talking about itself and its territory. 

The "project of the new winery" is currently underway: an underground cellar, so as not to disfigure the gentle curves of the territory. A geological architecture, based on the characteristics of the landscape, without defacing it. 

The Biodynamic Farm

Biodynamic agriculture as environmental sustainability, rediscovery of ancient crops and authentic flavors

One hundred hectares cultivated according to biodynamic principles, surrounded by wooded areas to ensure the sustainability of the ecosystem and to keep the soil alive, within an integrated natural system. 

Here native olive trees and ancient grains grow; we breed families of bees from which we produce multi-flower honey.

The low structural impact and integration with the landscape, the collection of rainwater to avoid waste, the use of renewable energy: some of our principles to respect the environment.

Hospitality and Events

The Sequerciani farmhouse: a paradise for the senses in the Tuscan Maremma, to get away from everyday life and find inner peace.

The Villa, main building and heart of the estate, and the various houses Quercia, Corbezzolo and Casa Gialla, are situated on a hill, dominating the wonderful Tuscan countryside up to the sea, surrounded by one hundred hectares of vineyards, olive groves and woods.

The original structures harmonize today with lifestyle elements giving body to an exclusive and warm environment, were our guests can feel at home.

The swimming pool area is adjacent to the villa, also situated on the back of the hill, with a view over the whole Maremma up to the coast. In addition to massages, yoga or bike rental we have many services at your disposal. 



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