Sequerciani returns home!

After three quarters of a century, Sequerciani returns home, back to the village of Tatti!

Tatti and the Podere Sequerciani "separated" after the war when the last descendants of the noble family of Bourbon di Petrella Barabesi decided to divide and sell the properties of the Fattoria di Tatti: they sold the various farms, including the most important one, Sequerciani, and gave up their headquarters, the nineteenth century palace still called "La Fattoria di Tatti".

Ruedi Gerber, perhaps in a strategy not yet planned, unconsciously began this work of reconstruction in 1992, with the purchase of a portion of the palace in the village which followed shortly after the purchase of the Podere Sequerciani.

The rest is recent history: Podere Sequerciani has become a modern biodynamic farm, Fattoria di Tatti an elegant b&b: same owner but two completely different legal figures to manage their respective activities.

The location of Podere Sequerciani in "Gavorrano" has always seemed a bit "strange", considering Sequerciani part of the properties located in the countryside of Tatti. 

The future is thus a return to the past: on January 1st, 2021, 70 years after the separation, Sequerciani's headquarters will return to Tatti and the farm building will once again become the official center of the farm!

To celebrate the event, in 2021 a new wine label will be released from the vineyards and winery of Sequerciani, named, in honor of past glories, "Barabese", a blend of Sangiovese and the best red grapes of Podere Sequerciani. 

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