News from our Bio Shop

You can find us also i Germany and Austria!

Dear friends in Germany and Austria,

over the last few years we have often had the opportunity to meet in person and you have tasted our biodynamic wines and other products.

We have now signed a commercial and logistic cooperation agreement with Intersellers GmbH from Haar (Bavaria).
Thanks to this agreement it will be possible for you to order our products and receive them directly at home; practically at the same prices as here at the winery
and even in small quantities.

It is not an importer or a seller, but a commercial and logistic partner: you can contact us directly and order through our Shop; however, delivery will be from the Intersellers warehouse in Germany.

We hope that this new collaboration with Intersellers will allow us to develop those services that we could not offer in the past. 

The Sequerciani Team

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