"Senatore Cappelli" durum wheat pastas


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This pasta is rolled out on canes and drawn manually by artisans to lend the finished product the appearance and quality of “true handmade pasta”, thus exalting the raw material in both its taste and shape. 
The product is packaged by hand to main the arch shape of each strand of spaghetti which, when cooked, is 52 cm long, to lend shape and consistency to the pasta, even when dressed with complex sauces such as those containing game meat or, dishes which required being sautéed in the pan.

The bronze wire-drawing method and slow drying at low temperatures, followed by a finished product stabilisation period before packaging makes this type of spaghetti rather coarse and consistent, excellent for being coated with sauces. Thanks to its considerable, but not excessive thickness, it is highly recommended for use with fresh tomato, EVO oil, pesto, vegetable and shellfish sauces. 


Quantity: 500 gr

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