"Senatore Cappelli" durum wheat pastas


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This pasta is rolled out on canes and cut manually by artisans to lend the finished product the appearance and quality of “true handmade pasta”, thus exalting the raw material in both its taste and shape. Its special length (thanks to the way in which the product is hand-packaged, to maintain the arch shape which totals 52 cm in length after cooking) allows dishes to be arranged in an extremely choreographic manner in dishes. 

The thickness of this pasta allows it be used in a versatile manner. It is ideal for dressing with all kinds of sauces, even heavier ones such as Carbonate or Amatriciana. It can also be used in more elaborate recipes, sautéing the pasta in a frying pan, or with “gourmet” sauces containing truffle or porcini mushrooms or even with fish-based sauces. 


Quantity: 500 gr

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