Verment'oro 2020

White wine 2020, 75 cl DOC Maremma


The origins of Vermentino are shrouded in mystery. According to one theory, it arrived from Spain and then spread along the Mediterranean coast until it reached Corsica and Sardinia. Others believe its country of origin is Italy. It flourishes in sunny climates and in poor soils. Vermentino’s name derives from the Latin word “verbena”, used by Dante in the Divine Comedy to refer to a fragile twig – a characteristic that is shared by the shoots of this grape variety.

Our Verment’oro has an intense yellow color, with aromas of yellow fruit and medicinal herbs. The wine pairs well with bold foods such as pasta with vegetables and white meat, oily fish, cheeses.




Grapes Vermentino
Denomination DOC Maremma
Aging 6 months with skins in terracotta amphorae and barrels 

No yeast or sulfites added, unfiltered, fermented by natural methods. All grapes are products of biodynamic farming, DEMETER and BIOAGRICERT certified.

Quantity: 75 cl

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