Pugnitello 2018

Red wine 2018, 75 cl IGT Toscana


This long-forgotten grape variety has only recently been rediscovered and given the recognition it deserves. It was found growing in remote vineyards in the Province of Grosseto, in Tuscany, and was accepted for study and conservation by the Vitiarium in San Felice, a systematic collection of the region’s indigenous wines.

The name “Pugnitello” (little fist) refers to the grape’s compact form. It is highly resistant to pathogens and well-suited to biodynamic cultivation methods.

Pugnitello is exceptionally rich in polyphenols and produces an intense red wine with a complex nose that ranges from spices to dark fruits. A powerful wine with plenty of depth, Pugnitello pairs well with classic Tuscan dishes, game, and mature cheeses. 


Grapes Pugnitello
Denomination Toscana IGT
Aging oak barrels and terracotta amphorae – then aged in the bottle.

No yeast or sulfites added, unfiltered, fermented by natural methods. All grapes are products of biodynamic farming, DEMETER and BIOAGRICERT certified.

Quantity: 75 cl

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