Sparkling Rosé Wine, 75 cl Pet-Nat Pas Dosé


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Our "Pet Nat pas dosé" is obtained from the natural refermentation of a rosé sparkling wine base. We have drawn inspiration from the natural processes and their ancient rhythms: the refermentation in the bottle, which resumes in spring when temperatures rise gently, imprisons the cheerful bubbles together with the indigenous yeasts that generated them.

It is perfect for a toast, with fish and vegetable finger food, cold and colourful. It is sipped with hot, crispy, freshly fried snacks. It can be paired with delicate first courses, sautéed with shellfish and crustaceans. Intriguing when served with dishes from oriental cuisine.



Grapes Mix red grapes 
Denomination Pet-Nat Pas Dosé
Aging Stainless steel tanks - refermentation in the bottle

No yeast or sulfites added, unfiltered, fermented by natural methods. All grapes are products of biodynamic farming, DEMETER certified.

Quantity: 75 cl

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