Libello 2020

Red wine 2020, 75 cl IGT Toscana


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A blend of two ancient and typical Tuscan varieties with common roots: Sangiovese and Ciliegiolo. Sangiovese has its origins in the distant past, most likely dating back to the Etruscan period. Its strong character is typical of Tuscan reds. The Ciliegiolo grape variety is also widespread in central and southern Tuscany. While it can be used to produce outstanding varietal wines, it truly excels when blended with Sangiovese, to which it imparts softness and a fresh aroma of cherries. We use the two varieties to produce a wine with a lively red color and a fresh bouquet of small red fruits. 

Young, well-balanced, fresh and fruity, it pairs well with traditional Tuscan antipasti, meat platters and crostini, grilled meats, and pasta dishes served with full-flavored red sauces.



Grapes  Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo
Denomination IGT Toscana
Aging Stainless steel tanks - carbonic maceration

No yeast or sulfites added, unfiltered, fermented by natural methods. All grapes are products of biodynamic farming, DEMETER certified.

Quantity: 75 cl

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