The kings of the ancient wheats

At the foot of the hills near the river La Bruna, we have fifteen hectares of farmland in cultivation -- on a three year rotation cycle  between biodynamic wheat, legumes, and oilseeds.

At Sequerciani we cultivate so-called "Ancient Grains": Ancient means antique grains without any genetic modification, different from modern grain varieties intended for intensive agriculture. 

In the course of history the cultivation of this ancient wheat, both the rough and finer grades, has not undergone any modification. We do not use high amounts of mineral fertilizers, and therefore no treatments with pesticides or fungicides are necessary.

After seperating the grain from the shaft, the grain is carefully stone ground producing flours which maintain their natural properties.

The tolerable gluten content in this type of wheat favors a protective effect on heart cells, decreases cholesterol levels, lowers triglycerides, and diminishes atherosclerosis markers. These are positive test results made in laboratories that indicate that with our crops we are on the right track.

Sequerciani continues selecting different types of grain to further develop the selection we offer. We also continue to experiment with the cultivation of grain types that specifically take into account the conditions of organic and biodynamic agriculture.

Our products possess the Bioagricert (Biological) and Demeter (biodynamic) certifications.

You can buy our products directly at Sequerciani or by entering our online webshop.

At Sequerciani we cultivate two types of Ancient Grains: Senatore Cappelli and Verna.

Senatore Cappelli is the name of an ancient type of Italian hard wheat.  This type of wheat reaches a height of up to two meters and is therefore subject to strong winds and rains. Because of these adverse conditions Senatore Cappelli develops excellent flavour and is among the tastiest wheat types. In addition, it boasts unbeatable practical qualities. Thanks to its high protein content, the pasta remains compact even if prepared without the addition of eggs.

Verna is a Tuscan varietal of tender wheat, widely popular and appreciated in the past for its great nutritional quality but then, due to limited productivity, forgotten for many years. The original strain of Verna grain has come to us in it’s original form, preserved over the years, thanks to the activity of the Tuscan Sementi Institute (institution founded in the 1930s) and thanks to the studies of the Tuscan Universities. In recent years these studies have caused a rediscoverery of the value of this particular grain giving rise to the promotion of their cultivation.


We are currently producing Sequercelle, Sequerce and Spaghetti pastas. 

All our pastas are produced with 100% “Senatore Cappelli” durum wheat and are “trafilati a bronzo” (formed with bronze molds) and dried for up to 48 hours at low temperature to ensure that the nutrients remain intact and that the organoleptic properties of the ingredients are maintained.

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