Sequerciani Svizzera

Sequerciani x Kati Rickenbach - 6 Oct. 2022 - Zurich

Dear friends of Sequerciani

Sequerciani Natural Wine Tasting & Live Portraits with Kati Rickenbach
Book Salon KOSMOS / 6 October / 4-8 p.m.

Your face on our Ciliegiolo 2020. Kati Rickenbach, the well-known Basel illustrator from the Swiss comic scene, will be drawing very personal wine labels for Sequerciani's natural wines live in the Buchsalon at KOSMOS on 6 October between 4pm and 8pm. For inspiration, there will be an opportunity to taste the diverse wines and olive oils of the Sequerciani winery.

More info > Markthalle Basel
More info > Kati Rickenbach


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