The climate change, the environmental and air pollution, are factors that are condensed into a global ecological crisis.

Global warming brings disequilibrium among the different terrestrial climate areas; the reduction of the ozone layer is causing irrevocable damages to our "blue planet", endangering the survival of biodiversity.

The over-exploitation of the resources that our planet gives us cannot last forever; the consequent production of pollutants and non-recyclable waste will lead to the destruction of the intrinsic stability of the ecosystem.

Man is in this way triggering chain reactions: weak at first, but rapidly developing, meant for the decline of nature and life. The human being himself, if not directed to change his behavioural habits, will end up perishing like all the species that have not been able to adapt to evolution and environmental change.

Scientists have often talked about these issues, governance has underestimated them, the individual has not recognized himself as part of a globally shared plan of action. But the awareness is now current: taking care of the world around us and the natural resources that sustain us means taking care of ourselves.

Change must be radical; every aspect of human behaviour must be questioned.

How will mankind survive within civilization? What must be the actions to make any social, economic, political activity part of a shared system integrated with the biosphere?

By now we are conscious: every species, in particular human beings, until now "exploiters", must be considered a connected element of an interactive and interconnected biosphere.


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