Grappa Riserva

Biological aged Grappa Riserva


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A fruity fragrance of fresh marc, with an immediate reminder of the aroma of the Maremma grape harvest. The aromas from refinement in wood, vanilla, almond and honey notes combine delicately.

In the mouth it is balanced, enveloping and soft.

Excellent after a meal. Especially suited to handmade chocolate and dry baked products.


Raw material: All types of wine from the farm’s grapes
Ageing: For 18 months in French durmast barriques used only once to refine wine.
Proof: Alc. 42% Vol.

Biological aged Grappa Riserva, distilled in Italy at Nannoni Grappe Srl Paganico (GR), Via del Quadrone 135.

BIOAGRICERT certified.

Quantity: 75 cl

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