Honey "Millefiori" 500g

Organic honey


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The organic honey that we produce at Sequerciani is a multiflower type of honey, as our bees, when they leave their beehives in the morning, can wander over to the flowers of the large lawn below the shed, or towards the flower mixture which we use for the vineyards, or to the fruit trees that surround the Villa.

This is the so-called "multiflower honey", that is, the main and most widespread variety of this delicious and healthy food: a honey with a sweet and delicate taste, a light colour and a fluid consistency, even though, as our production is homemade, the colour nuances and the consistencies can vary according to the blossoming timeframe, as well as to the seasonal and climatic trend. 

Breakfast should always be based on multiflower honey: it can be an excellent sweetener for coffee and tea, it can sweeten yogurt and can be used as a spread for biscuits and toasted bread. Multiflower honey is excellent as a condiment for salads or to accompany cheeses, to garnish cakes, ice creams and fruit salads.

Our honey is BIOAGRICERT certified. 

Quantity: 500 gr

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